Friday, December 7, 2012

New food of the week - Samphire

When I was in England last week, I had a vegetable that was new to me - Samphire.  It was served in a restaurant to accompany some fish.

I don't recall ever eating before.  It is an edible wild plant found on the coast of England and some areas of Europe.  It is now also cultivated in some areas of Britain where it grows in a light rich soil.  The removal of the wild plants is now considered illegal in UK, but harvesting is permitted.

It is a little crispy and goes well with fish, as it has a taste of the sea. It looks a little like skinny small asparagus.

It can be used raw, but the one I tasted was steamed.  It was a lovely bright green color.  Use the stems and leaves - not roots and don't add salt as it is already salty.

I liked it. Not something I'd have all the time, but it definitely did go well with fish and had a different texture.

Have you ever tried it?


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