Thursday, April 24, 2014

Duckling rescue

I was woken this morning by John telling me we had ducklings in our pond :-D I've always wanted us to have ducklings but it was a surprise to us as the mother hadn't been using our duck house. She was obviously hiding out somewhere else as we hadn't seen her for days. Daddy duck had been around, but as I've now seen today, mummy is good at hiding - and at hiding her ducklings.

I took some photos first thing this morning and no sooner had I put them on Facebook but John came in saying we needed to do a duckling rescue!  Three little ducklings had jumped over the overflow of the pond and because it slants backwards, they couldn't get back.

Poor mummy and daddy duck were in the pond squalking loudly, and the little guys were cheeping, so John had to crawl into the tunnel and help them back over and back into the pond again!!  Brilliant rescue and the family were reunited!

Phew, we've only had them a few hours and already we've had a rescue. Looks like this could be a busy few weeks!!!  From the reunited photos, I can see there are 12 babes……fingers crossed we stay at 12. No more jumping!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Egg-citing Easter

I just love this photo of Volker Kraft in Germany, preparing for Easter!

Photo by Michael Reichel

He has hung 10,000 colored eggs on his apple tree!!  Move over blossom!!!

So for all of you who decorate for Easter- see if you can match this!! And send me your photos :-D
Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Begin at the beginning

Begin at the beginning

"He who wishes one day to fly must first learn standing
             and walking
                and running
                    and climbing
                        and dancing

 One doesn't not fly into flying"
FW Neitzsche 

Is there something in your life right now that you are trying to excel at? Something you are eager to be great at?

Maybe the process is worth taking time over.  We can find enjoyment in walking, running, climbing and dancing along the way, but by focusing only on flying, we miss out on those achievements.

I know this really applies to me right now with my studies. I'm so eager to learn everything and be great at it that I'm not noticing the joy of just the little steps I'm taking and the small achievements.

Is there some aspect of your life that you are rushing to achieve greatness, and missing out along the way?  Take a deep breath and enjoy where you are now, where you've come from and the achievements you've made already.  

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