Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Dancing Policeman

I just read about Tony, the dancing policeman in Providence, Rhode Island.

As he directs traffic, he adds a few dance movements into this job!  Initially, he thought it might not go down well with his boss, but so many people phoned into the police station and said how much they loved seeing him, that he became quite the Xmas attraction!

Truth be known, Tony is no longer a policeman, however he became so popular in Providence and people missed him when he left, so the Police department now offer him a 10 day contract each Christmas time to come and direct the traffic!  He's been coming back for his 10 days of dancing for the past 10 years!

He says it takes some chiropractic work to keep him going - but he loves it!!!  Here's his little wiggle!
 Hope Christmas makes you feel like dancing too!


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