Thursday, October 25, 2012

New food of the week - Dragon Fruit

My new food this week is Dragon Fruit. I don't think I've ever tried it before....but may I did when I was in Bali, years ago....I have a very vague recollection..???

When I visited the recent Heirloom food festival in Santa Rosa, there were some stunning dragon fruits on display there. Their color alone was incredible. So it made me think I needed to taste one.

They are this wonderful vivid pink or deep purple and the fruit inside is either white or pink.

This one I bought in Whole Foods and it has a white center with the dark black seeds.

Here's how I prepared it:

Cut it in half

Use a grapefruit spoon (serrated edged spoon) or tablespoon to separate the flesh from the pink skin, by running it around the edge between the flesh and skin. The skin is inedible.

Cut the flesh into chunks

Pile it back into the skin for a beautiful presentation

As for the taste, it doesn't have a strong taste.  It is reminiscent, to me, of a kiwi fruit.....more than it just having lots of black seeds in it - but it's texture too.  It's quite pleasant but not any distinct flavor.  It seems to be asking for something else....maybe a squeeze of lemon... or use it in a  fruit salad with other fruits....or maybe I'll use some of it in a green smoothie. I bet the seeds will look good and it's quite watery.

Have you ever tried one? What did you think?  I'd definitely use it again just for the presentation....or maybe make a sorbet from it and use the skin for the serving bowl.  I'll try freezing one of these and see how it turns out.


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