Monday, October 14, 2013

Lynmar Winery

We took a visit to Lynmar winery the other day - for a Sunday picnic.

Our friends had recommended it to us and then we had seen an article in a magazine about their wonderful edible gardens.  I was excited to see all the plantings - but the picnic sounded good too!

The picnic was excellent.  It was eaten near the tasting room- on a table, not a picnic rug and they adapted my menu to suit a gluten free vegan.  There were two big surprises over lunch.  Firstly they brought out some "organic popcorn sprinkled with estate elephant heart plum salt".  Well, I hate popcorn - but I actually enjoyed this.  It was so unlike popcorn that I've tried before.  Normally we have to move seats in a movie theater so I don't have to smell the popcorn of the person sat next to me!  I know that is the butter rather than the popcorn - but that smell just makes me ill if I have to sit with it!But this popcorn tasted pretty good.

The second surprise was the Chardonnay wine that they served with it. Again, I'm not a big fan of most chardonnay.  Likewise my husband doesn't like them either. But this one was delicious.  No hint of butter and tropical suntan oil (!) and all those other tastes I don't like.  It was something pleasurable to drink.

The gardens were lovely - so colorful - and this was just their autumn/winter garden.  We can't wait to go back from the spring/summer garden.  They are designed by Kate Frey.

Here are some of the plantings they have used in the edible gardens:

  • redbor and red peacock kale
  • red rock mammoth cabbage
  • flax
  • calendula
  • flamingo pink and rhubarb swiss chard
  • arugula
  • japanese spinach
  • purple sprouting broccoli
  • red, purple and green bok choy
  • osaka red and ruby frills mustard
  • magenta spreen
  • mizuna
  • tot soi


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