Sunday, October 27, 2013

Everything is tickety-boo

Here's this week's list of things that made me realize that everything is tickety-boo:

- Enjoying an evening out listening to Jon Batiste and Stay Human  - and bumping into friends there
- Wonderful evening of art and music at Grace Cathedral - Seeing the Voice: State of Grace, by artist Anne Patterson, composer Paul Haas and the men and boys choir.  A beautiful evening for the senses.
- While on my walk, watching a white kite hover over its prey, then dive and successfully catch it
- Seeing 9 white pelicans on a small pond, busy fishing
- Having a meeting with a beautiful person
- Catching up with family on FaceTime
- Two good classes this week
- Getting a new book and loving it: Farmacology, by Daphne Miller
- Enjoying a new easy lunch recipe - a few times this week. I'll post it here this week
- Getting excited about our trip back to the UK in a few weeks

Hoping you are feeling tickety-boo.  If not - trying writing down good things about your week - however small.  Once you start, you'll think of lots!


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