Monday, October 7, 2013

Colorful corn

Can you believe that the above photo is corn - edible corn!

Lavender tones

Its called Glass Gem corn and really does look like glass beads.   I'd love to make some jewelry out of them!

Bubble gum

It's a multi-colored heirloom corn with its origin traced back to Carl Barnes,  a farmer living in Oklahoma.  He excelled at selecting and saving seed from corn cobs that exhibited vivid translucent colors - and Glass Gem was born!  No GMO's here!  Just years of carefully selecting the best colored corn seeds.

Glassy emerald
It is now protected by Native Seeds - and can be purchased from them. It is a corn designed for corn flour and popping corn - not a sweet corn to be eaten off the cob.  However, it is used, understandably, as an ornamental variety!

Rainbow and blue
Just look at these beautiful colors.  I would hate to grind it up into a flour!  It's much to beautiful to eat.

Which is your favorite color?  Would you cook with it?  I wonder if you could dry the kernels and make earrings?

Photos by Greg Schoen - a student of Carl Barnes


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