Wednesday, March 5, 2014

100 days of happiness - or how to feel tickety-boo

Today marks the start of Lent.   Traditionally in my family, Lent marked the time when we decided to  give up something "bad" for 40 days (until Easter), like chocolate or alcohol or cakes or…..  Some of the things I gave up for lent in the past I've never started again - like milk in my coffee.  Others, it just lasted (barely) for those 40 days -  like chocolate - which always seems to want to come back.

Occasionally, instead of giving up something "bad" for lent, we would take up something good instead.  And that's what I'm doing this year - along with my sister.  Maybe we can persuade our parents to join us too this year?????

My sister, Mary gave me the idea.  We are starting "100 days of happiness".  The first 40 days will be our lent "take up something good" commitment.


The idea is that every day for 100 days you take a photo of something that made you happy that day. It can be anything - big or small. … from a photo of a person that you had lunch with, to a photo of a comfy cushion that you relaxed on when you got home after a busy day…... Just something that made you happy.  You can chose to share your photos however you want or not at all. Mary and I are going to post ours on Facebook so I may include them here, as my blog posts on Facebook.

The philosophy behind 100 days of happiness is one that I live by:   - you get more of what you focus on.  By focussing on good things in the day, you notice more good things.  Its one of the key ideas behind feeling tickety-boo!  Not everything needs to be perfect but by focussing on the good things, you can feel happy and tickety-boo.

So will you join me?  Can you spare a couple of minutes a day to focus on something that made you happy?  It doesn't matter if Lent means nothing to you, why not start 100 days of happiness with us now.  You can sign up at the link and lets share some joy. Lets be happy together for 100 days…and more.

Be Happy!


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