Monday, August 12, 2013

Jackson: the baby snow leopard

I met little Jackson yesterday in Glen Ellen.  He is a baby snow leopard born May 22nd this year.  What a gorgeous experience to see, touch, play with and photograph this beautiful animal.

I met Jackson at a Snow Leopard Conservancy event in Glen Ellen.  We've know Dr Rodney Jackson who is the director and founder of the conservancy and his lovely wife, Darla, for several years, through a mutual friend but this is the first time we'd been to one of their events.  Rodney is the leading expert in the world on snow leopards.  A fascinating man.  He works closely with rural herders and farmers who live in areas where wild snow leopards live and whose lives are directly impacted by the leopards when they prey on their livestock. He educates the people on how to protect their livestock and live with the snow leopards, rather than killing them.   I encourage you to take a look at their website for information on where he works and what the conservancy does.  Snow leopard Conservancy

Snow leopard Jackson was named after Rodney - even though its been said that Rodney would have been a better name for the leopard!!  Jackson (junior!) came from Project Survival Cat Haven and is an ambassador for his species.  As Rodney said, its difficult for people to support the conservation of a species if they've never seen one, so he arranged for Project Survival Cat Haven to bring Jackson to meet us.  What a delight.  Those lovely spots, big eyes and huge paws definitely work their way into your heart.

It was a lovely event - nice lunch, talk on what the conservancy does etc and precious time watching a beautiful animal.  Thanks to all who arranged it and were involved.  It was a truly special experience.  I restrained myself to only 86 photos so if you want to see more than I've put here, just let me know!


Jacqueline Deely said...

What a lovely account of your experience with Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Ruth!

Betsy Mueller said...

Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing!

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