Friday, May 10, 2013

Take time to smell the flowers on Friday

Today's flower photos are of some of the tall, long flowers in my garden.

I love the foxgloves as it's so good to see all the bees up inside the individual flowers.  And they grow so tall.  They've spread quite a bit in our garden.

The "red" hot pokers (in this case, orange) bring back lots of childhood memories.  I used to hate them then and found them quite scary.  I used to "accidentally" hit them with my tennis racket and break them!  I still don't really care for them much, but they are in the garden, growing nicely, so I guess as I don't have a tennis racket anymore, they are safe.  Did you know their botanical name is  Kniphofia?

Hope you took time to look at the flowers this week. What did you like?


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