Sunday, August 5, 2012

Everything is tickety-boo

Just back from the second half of my vacation with my sister, her hubby, and my two gorgeous nephews.  I had such a great time and it was non-stop tickety-boo.  Here are the highlights:

  • being greeted at the airport by my family with a sign saying "Aunty Ruth"
  • returning to Sanibel, where we used to live and seeing the familiar and the changes
  • having my own bathroom in a lovely condo
  • feeling a real part of the family
  • snuggling down together to watch a movie
  • kayaking in the Ding Darling wildlife preserve
  • catching up on everyone's news and plans and ideas
  • finding new gluten free items in the store
  • enjoying the sun, sea, sand and shells...oh, and shopping
  • watching the alligators, geckos, and many birds
  • feeling the relief of air conditioning
  • having silly times and laughing together
  • being able to float while standing upright - I think the sea must have been really salty.
  • drinking cocktails
  • sisterly chats
  • wearing bright colored seaside clothes every day
  • happy memories
  • feeling sad when I had to leave :-(
Sorry - photos aren't work on my blogger account at the moment. They'll have to come later! Hope you had a good week.  Thanks so much Simpsons! 


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