Sunday, April 22, 2012

Everything is tickety-boo

It's that time again for my weekly post where I share with you the things that have happened this week that make me feel that "everything is tickety-boo". 

Tickety-boo is more than just a feeling, it is a state of mind.  It doesn't mean that everything has be wonderful, just that you look for the good in your life and focus on that.   It's all about valuing the good things around you.  A way of looking beyond difficult things and appreciating the often simple, little things that make a difference.

As I write my "everything is tickety-boo" post each week, I hope you'll get the idea and take time to think about what has happened to you this past week and how it can help you feel tickety-boo.

  • not having to drive into the city twice, or even once, this week
  • the sunshine and heat - we've had days in the 90 degrees this week 
  • getting my "500 mile" badge from fitbit - in recognition of having walked 500 miles so far this year! I wonder where that could have got me if I'd kept going in one direction?
  • harvesting our first lettuces, cilantro and greens from our new raised beds :-D  Gosh, lettuce is so flavorful
  • seeing a great horned owl in the vineyard while it was still light - and seeing two stellar jays dive and shout at him to go away!

  • enjoying new cookbooks
  • catching up with friends
  • feeling supported by my book club buddies
  • a friend and my neighbor commenting on how well I look
  • enjoying the colors of a blue tailed skink as he scuttled by me

Hope you've been feeling tickety-boo this week too!  Anyhow good wildlife sightings?


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