Monday, April 2, 2012

Everything is tickety-boo!

This is going to be a weekly post for me where I share with you the things that have happened each week that make me feel that everything is tickety-boo.

Photo by Abaraphobia
Tickety-boo is more than just a feeling, it is a state of mind.  It doesn't mean that everything has be wonderful, just that you look for the good in your life and focus on that.  It's not being false, it's just valuing the good things around you.  A way of looking beyond difficult things and appreciating the often simple, little things that make a difference.

As I write my "everything is tickety-boo" post each week, I hope you'll get the idea and take time to think about what has happened to you this past week and how it can affect your life positively.

So here is this week's list:

  • the smile of stranger
  • seeing the bright blue color on the back of bluebird in the garden.  That flash of brilliance was stunning
  • my parents having an offer to buy their home
  • sharing my home with lots of friends for my choir retreat this weekend
  • making time to do lots of cooking and try new recipes
  • surprising people with "secret" ingredients!
  • hearing my parrot sing along with both the piano tuner this week, and also during our choir retreat.  How lovely that a bird wants to join in our music making
  • seeing twin boys running with their dog
  • watching the two turtles in our pond trying out the new duck house and also seeing a few ducks in the pond come for a viewing. 
  • chatting to my nephews
  • tidying my studio and having lots of new ideas
  • taking a break from studying and feeling refreshed from it.
Hope you had lots of things that helped you feel tickety-boo this week too.  Here's to another week full of them :-D


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