Sunday, April 8, 2012

Everything is tickety-boo

It's that time again for my weekly post where I share with you the things that have happened this week that make me feel that "everything is tickety-boo". 

Tickety-boo is more than just a feeling, it is a state of mind.  It doesn't mean that everything has be wonderful, just that you look for the good in your life and focus on that.   It's all about valuing the good things around you.  A way of looking beyond difficult things and appreciating the often simple, little things that make a difference.

As I write my "everything is tickety-boo" post each week, I hope you'll get the idea and take time to think about what has happened to you this past week and how it can help you feel tickety-boo.

Photo by davidhofmann08

Here is this week's list:

  • seeing all the different wild flowers growing when we went hiking today - including the fritillaria in the photo above
  • seeing pretty yellow and periwinkle colored moths and a snake on our hike
  • singing, singing, singing.  As it's Easter week, I've been doing a lot of singing this week.  
  • finishing my exams. Yippee!
  • looking forward to the upcoming Sonoma International Film Festival this week, and choosing the movies I want to watch
  • reading a new book which has a really different perspective on things and has made me think 
  • laughing at Harold my pet parrot who scared away a hawk that flew into the porch.  You'd think Harold was so brave with the noise he made, but he's a really scaredy bird!  Obviously a window as protection helps!
  • eating the best carrot dish ever - a "freshly dug"  carrot salad.  It was so yummy.  Had it for lunch at Bardessono in Yountville.  Confit carrot, carrot chips, fronds......lots of textures and every mouthful made me want to stop and savor it fully.
  • hearing a little boy singing to himself as he waited for his mum at the post office.  He kept singing the same line  of a little song again and again  and jigging around as he sang it.  Soooo sweet!
Hope you've had a great week too.  Did something make you sing for joy this week?


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