Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quentin Quail and his covey

We have a big covey of quail visiting us regularly at the moment. We enjoyed Quentin and Queenie earlier in the year and their little babes, but at this time of the year, they join up with other families and hang out together until spring next year.

While its a delight to just see Quentin, its wonderful to see 20 or more quails all running together.

When I made jewelry, Quentin was a big character in some of my designs and he became quite famous, with his little running shoes!  They do run so fast.

Little Quentin Quail necklace

Quentin says: "Play dead"!

Quentin eyed the odd egg with deep suspicion

Have you taken time to watch the birds this week?  If not, stop now and go to the window.  Take a short break and watch some birds.  It will calm and relax you - like a little meditation.


Prairiesummers said...

Hi, I just discovered this cute Quail necklace. Do you still sell those? Thank you. (

Ruth said...

Sorry, I don't have any more Quentin Quail necklaces left. Thanks for asking. Take care

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